Wilderness Dreams Screensaver


Different natural images on your desktop


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Wilderness Dreams Screensaver is a screensaver that allows you to add natural scenery to your desktop, with the added bonus that they'll be drawn little by little right before your eyes.

On your screensaver settings bar, you'll be able to choose which season you want to watch (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), and the kind of tree that you want to be shown within your scene. You'll get to select if you want it to snow, and the time of day for the scene to take place whether in the morning, in the afternoon or evening.

This screensaver, unlike many others, is fairly light and won't slow down your computer at all. Even taking into account the fact that these images appear before your eyes almost as though someone were drawing them.

Wilderness Dreams Screensaver is an ideal screensaver for nature lovers. It's nice, simple, and doesn't take up too many resources on your PC when it's active.
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